About the MovingChange Collective

We are activists who engage in different movements since years. We founded this Collective, to fight for a just, peaceful and democratic world, by supporting social and climate justice movements in Switzerland.

We offer free and professional support to movements through different tools as video production, media communication, legal help and knowledge spreading.

We are financed by people like you, which support us with a monthly donation starting from 10 CHF per month. Together with hundreds of other MOVERs you make our work possible.

Theory of Change

Social movements often initiate change of social norms and behaviour and are crucial regarding how a society responds to crises – such as climate change and social injustice. Therefore, building bottom-up-movements and a strong civil society is necessary to create a just, democratic and peaceful society free from any form of discrimination.

Therefore, strong movements and groups are needed, that can build up enough social pressure to change our social and economic systems. In order to strengthen movements and groups, proffessional support structures are needed.

With the MovingChange Collective we want to strengthen movements and groups. This by exchanging and passing on knowledge and experiences between different movements and by offering services called tools that have a supportive impact.


We fight for a world free of all forms of discrimination, patriarchal oppression, and market and colonial power structures. We want to work reliable, intersectional, positive and sustainable. Self-reflection of our own position, non-violent communication and regeneration in the work and development process are particularly important to us.

Social and climate justice now!

We are on a fast track to climate disaster: major cities are under water, there are heat waves and terryfiying storms. Inequalities and social injustice is our societies’ daily business.

People standing up for human rights and just solutions regarding the consequences of the climate crises getting arrested, are forced to pay large fines and suffer repression. Activists are leaving movements due to a lack of financial resources and work-overload. Meanwhile, large fossil fuel cooperations and global companies invest millions into undermining our democracy and changing public opinion with greenwashing.

To make the fight for climate and social justice successful, we founded the MovingChange Collective. A project which builds sustainable structures for activism in Switzerland. We offer free and professional support movements through different tools as video production, media communication and legal help.


Activists are employees of the MovingChange Collective and support movements with various tools.

Miro is part of the Coordination-Team. She was and still is active in various political groups, and took part in different actions, demonstrations and events.

Languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Svenska

Miro (she/her)

Activist, part of Coordination-Team

Juli is part of the Coordination-Team. He is and was active in different climate justice movements as Climatestrike, Rise up for Change and others.

Languages: Česky, Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano

Juli (he/him)

Environmental Justice Activist, part of Coordination-Team

Red is part of the MovingChange Collective as a filmmaker.

Languages: English, Français, Italiano

Red (he/him)

Activist & Filmmaker, part of filmmaker-Team

The Board

The Board supervises the affairs and represents the association in public.

Stephanie was engaged against Swiss weapon exports and is part of the Climate Justice movement. She is a member of the board, and is responsible for finance and communication.

Stephanie Wyss (she/her)

Finance & Communication, Board

Deborah is a member of the Board and responsible for staff and administration. She is part of the Climatestrike movement and Mazay, an organization that supports refugees and asylum seekers.

Deborah Steiner (she/her)

Staff & Administration, Board


Under current expenses you can see, what we use our money for. The first annual report will be published in spring 2024.

Current expenses from August 2023

Monthly expenses

Total 3110 CHF (per month)

  • CHF 800 –  Salary Miro (she/her), 20 % gross
  • CHF 800 –  Salary Juli (he/him), 20 % gross
  • CHF 800 –  Salary Red (he/him), 20 % gross
  • CHF 360 – Social security
  • CHF 350 – Other costs

Monthly income

Here would be the monthly donations from movers. Help us fill this empty line now and donate a monthly amount!

Income from the previous budget**

  • CHF 5950 – from the previous budget

* At the moment our reserves finance the project until End of September 2023. Become a mover and support us now here.

** See Budget “March – July 2023 – Concept phase”

March - Juli 2023 - Concept phase

Here you see an overview about the budget of the concept phase.


  • ca. 8600 CHF – Salary and social security **
  • ca. 2750 CHF –  Campaign (Video, Flyer, social media advertisment etc.)
  • ca. 600 CHF – Website, Insurance and others

Total expenses ca. 11’950 CHF

Income of the initial project funding

  • 12 700 CHF from the Swiss Grassroots Fund for the Climate
  • 5 100 CHF from a private person living in Canton of Bern

Total income 17’900 CHF


5950 CHF is going to the budget of the next period.

* Defintive numbers will be available in the annual report 2023, which will be published in spring 2024.

**2 Employees: Miro (she/her), 20 %, CHF 800 gross (monthly) & Juli (he/him), 20 %, CHF 800 gross (monthly)