On the image you see different images from video. On person on a bike, them two hands which hold coal, in the middle bcycle activists laying on bridge on the ground next to their bikes, then you see a female looking person with a small microphone fixed to the tshirt and on the left you see 5 persons doing different symbols like heart, fist or just holding hand in the air.

Professional video production

We offer free and professional video production for movements. This includes among other filming an activist event, cutting and editing videos, making subtitles, adapt video for social media and website.

You can see on News or Instagram examples of produced videos.

You need a video for your movement? Contact us on hello(ät)movingchange.ch with answering the following questions:

Questions Remarks
What is the video for? For example: Mobilisation, filming an activist event, education purposes
Timeline of the video production? For example: Specific deadlines, action dates, suggestions for filming dates
Length of the video? Usually we produce videos between 30 and 60 seconds, as it is the most suitable for social media.

How do I get the message across in a video?

There are two possibilities:
1. Focus text: a short text should be prepared to be spoken by narrators (for example 2 persons) during the video. We recommend to keep the text short and concise and to have 1-2 narrators.
2. Focus images and music: it should be thought of impressing images and matching music