There are hundreds of people visible with protest boards and flags. It looks like a climate demonstration, as people are holding board like "Act now or Burn". The people are looking to the left. The protest is on the Federal Square. In the Background you see the Café fédéral and the building of Credit Suisse bank. The image gives impression of power.

CHANGE Planner

Movement calendar for Switzerland

Actions, Meetings and other events from movements and collectives in Switzerland.


(at the moment due to technical problems the calendar works only on the english version of this page)

How can I add events to the calendar?
What are the calendar categories?

The different categories are color-coded for easy identification:

System Events
Events from big players and institutions that have a systemic impact. They could serve as inspiration for your own campaigns and actions (colour = red)

Anniversaries & Remembrance Days
Days dedicated to the commemoration of a specific event or a political topic or (usually marginalised) identity, on which political actions often take place in relation to the occasion (colour = orange)

Trials & Repression
Court cases, prison trials, releases and other matters relating to repression (colour = brown)

Action Days & Demos
Demos, actions and action days in which you can simply take part with your group or on your own (colour = green)

Conferences & Meetings
Conferences, open meetings of alliances and on-boardings that you can attend. Registration is often necessary (colour = yellow)

Camps & Festivals
Activist Camps, festivals and street parties that you can take part in with your group or on your own (colour = blue)

Workshops & Skill-Sharings
Workshops, skillshares, talks and more about politics, activism and decolonization. Some take place online, and registration is often required (colour = purple)

Decolonial/activist Culture & Art Mostly activist and decolonial cultural events which can broaden perspectives (colour = black)

Which events can I add to the calendar?

You can add events relevant to activists and movements including actions, meetings, demonstrations, workshops and others.

We are not posting Events which are not align with our values.

How can I add the calendar to my Smartphone / Computer?

For adding the calendar you need to

  1. Click on the “Subscribe” button next to the different calendar categories
  2. Accept adding it to your calendar
  3. While adding, you can choose the frequency of actualizing. We recommend to chose at least every day.
  4. You need to subscribe individually to every calendar category
Where is the calendar hosted?

The calendar is hosted securely on

What are other calendars in Switzerland?

There are other calendars relevant for movements in Switzerland:

Who is organizing this calendar?

The calendar is organized by the MovingChange Collective. It is a Collective which supports movements in Switzerland. We finance ourselves over MOVERS. There as well individuals from movements which are helping to add events to the calendar. If you are interested to help add regularly events from your region, please contact us on