MovingChange Collective

We support climate and social justice movements

We fight for a just, peaceful and democratic world by supporting social and climate justice movements in Switzerland. We strengthen movements and turn peoples resistance into power.

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Our current tools

Services that the MovingChange Collective provides are called tools and are offered to the movements for free. These tools are adapted to the current needs of the movements for social and environmental justice and are therefore dynamic and flexible. At the moment we provide the following support:

Professional video production

Red is a professional video filmmaker and works 20% for the collective. He is in charge of providing videos for movements, this includes filming an activist event, cutting and editing the video, export it and make it disposable for social media.

You need a video for your movement? Contact us via hello(ät)

Practical support for activists

Juli works 20 % for the collective and brings a lot of knowledge from his volunteer work as an activist in the climate justice movements. His task is to establish contact to groups or individuals, who would like to engage more in local activism in rural areas of Switzerland. With his knowledge, he can support them in establishing local structures of activism, sharing knowledge about organizing demonstrations and planning actions, as well as connecting them to other activist or national organized movements.

You are part of a local activist group and want to organize yourself? Contact us via hello(ät)

Activist exchange at a dinner

This tool reacts to the need to build stronger connections between activists of different movements. Miro works 20% for the collective and organizes a social and environmental justice-dinner once a month. To this dinner, people from different movements are invited to spend time with each other. It is a possibility to engage in non-formal exchange, get to know each other better outside of meeting, discussion groups or stressful actions.

You would like to come to a tasty and chill dinner to get to know other activists? Contact us via hello(ät)

We need strong movements for making the CHANGE possible. This is our only hope to deal with the climate crisis and all social injustices. For this reason we need professional structures, that help us activists and the movements. Support the MovingChange Collective now!

Catarina Viegas

Climate Justice Activist and Artist, Bern & Portugal

As an activist I rembember many situations, where it would have been very important to have professional support for campaigns and actions. For this reason I support the MovingChange Collective!


Climate Justice Activist, Zürich