On the image there is a front of a feminist protest visible. You see many female looking persons. Some are shouting and some are laughing. Some are holding up their fist. Many of the hold up boards with signs as "My body doesn't owe you shit" or "via la vulva" or Wichtes supporting other Bitches" or "Gleicher Lohn für gleiche Arbeit". Most boards and clothes are Lila or pink.


The services provided by the MovingChange Collective are called tools. The tools depends on the current needs of the movements and the capacities of the people working in the MovingChange Collective. They are offered for free to all movement which fight for social and environemental justice.

The CHANGE Planner

It’s easy to lose track of the many demonstrations, activists film evenings, workshops, talks and campaigns organized by various groups in Switzerland. That’s why we have created the CHANGE Planner for activists and those who want to become activists. The CHANGE Planner is a calendar containing various activist events in Switzerland. With the CHANGE Planner you can get an overview of current events in different parts of Switzerland and stay updated about upcoming actions of different groups.

Produzione video professionale

There are so many things to do to change the world! Organize demonstrations and actions, go to regular meetings, write press releases and post on social media. To give activists the time they need to focus on crucial activities instead of loosing time with media-work, we offer free and professional video production for social movements. It includes filming activist events such as demonstrations or actions, editing, supporting in visual storytelling, creating subtitles, exporting and customizing the video.

If you need other support or you have questions contact us at hello@movingchange.ch ♥︎